Dewang Mehta – Beyond the Icon.

I have borrowed the title from Harish Mehta’s article. 10th August (1962) is Dewang’s Birth Anniversary. He was and is my role model, who inspired me a great deal. I’m not sure if this generation of IT professionals and entrepreneurs would even know who Dewang Mehta was! What is his contribution to the IT industry and to Brand India? It is actually very sad….but that’s what life is all about. Our memories are too short to even make us feel otherwise.

I met Dewang for the first time on 9th December 1999 at the launch event of TiE in India which was hosted by Mr. K.V.Kamath at ICICI Towers, BKC, Mumbai. Harishbhai introduced us. Harishbhai became the President of the first TiE Chapter in India – TiE Mumbai and he asked me to join TiE. Since then Dewang and I were in regular touch thanks to our common mentor Harish Mehta.

To my young friends, let me tell you that Dewang’s contribution to India or I should say NEW INDIA is immeasurable. In Harishbhai’s words – “Dewang, to my mind, symbolizes the new Indian: knowledgeable, professional, committed and confident of matching swords with the best in the world. His image is what the world is slowly recognizing to be the face of the new Indian, having strong educational and entrepreneurial traits combined with business and marketing savviness second to none.”

On 9th April 2001, I was at NASSCOM’s Delhi office and Dewang told me that he wanted to regularise my role with NASSCOM; as ever since I had joined TiE, I was a NRN – Non-Resident NASSCOM. Dewang said once he would be back from Australia, he would do the needful….He never returned. Dewang died 3 days later on 12th April 2001 in Australia.

Dr. F.C.Kohli, Former Vice Chairman, TCS once told me that he was suggesting Dewang to start a MBA course on “Art of Lobbying”. Dewang was a master lobbyist. For an industry, association and even business, lobbying with Government/s was so prevalent and necessary in those days. With a changed nomenclature, it still is. His understanding of Government functioning and people issues was unparalleled.

I was attending a SOFTEX related meeting at RBI way back in 2006, when one senior Govt of India officer from Ministry of Finance told me that Dewang had a unique approach to deal with submission of proposals with Ministries. He would take the draft proposal and first meet the Undersecretary of the department. He will spend enough time in explaining the proposal, its benefits to the industry and to government etc. Then he would meet Dy. Secretary, Joint secretary and finally the Secretary. He would get buy-in from all concerns before formally submitting the proposal to the Minister. When the proposal would be discussed with the Minister, he would ask Secretary to review. Secretary would pass it on to Jt. Secretary and so on…Dewang would have already created a positive conscience to get an approval nod in the shortest time. This was one major success factor for NASSCOM to build trust with the Government in those formative years of the industry.

There are so many experiences and memories of Dewang that cross my mind. His articulation of vision was simply amazing. In late 90’s when India’s share of global IT market was a meagre 3-4 %, Dewang gave the theme of NASSCOM’s Annual conference as “India – The IT Super Power”. This lead to a strong belief, a dream, an aspiration and a benchmark amongst all stakeholders. When he combined Bijli (electricity) and Bandwidth in the basic human needs and gave a slogan “Roti, Kapada, Makan, Bijli aur Bandwidth”, he gave a simple, clear message to all that the dream for India as a globally dominant player cannot be achieved without these basic necessities. It took us 20 years to realise and provide significant thrust to focus on electricity and bandwidth.

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi also acknowledged his interaction with Dewang during late 90’s when concerns relating to Y2K were dominating the world and the contribution made by Dewang.

Harishbhai and P. Sriganesh worked hard to establish Dewang Mehta Foundation Trust (DMFT). . There is a book that NASSCOM released in Dewang’s memory can be found online on

With some amazing creative inputs from Tehzeeb and Kireet Khurana of Climb Media, we created an award winning short animated film that captures 3000 years of India’s glorious past and Dewang’s role and contribution to build New India.

The objective of DMFT is to inspire young Indians to develop scientific mindset. We firmly believe that if one Dewang could contribute so much to a sector, to India and to millions of people in such a short span, we need 100 such Dewangs that can change the fate of India.


हज़ारों साल नरगिस अपनी बे-नूरी पे रोती है,
बड़ी मुश्किल से होता है चमन में दीदावर पैदा l

Hazaaron saal Nargis apani be-noori pe roti hai,
Badi mushqil se hota hai chaman me deedawar paida.

It takes thousands of years of waiting for a genius to be born.

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Rajiv Vaishnav Managing Partner Cornerstone Venture Partners Rajiv is Managing Partner at Cornerstone Venture Partners, a global tech VC fund focused on Consumer business enablers (such as Applied AI) and Enterprise / SME BI solutions (vertical SaaS, AR & VR applications, Blockchain for enterprise, etc.). Cornerstone is a Pre-series A / Series A fund, the first institutional support for promising tech ventures enabling growth and customer access in unique ways. Rajiv brings over 35 years of solid experience in building brands, developing teams, expanding the market share and building organisations from grass root upwards. He was heading the Ecosystem & Partnerships Developmentt at Jio-GenNext Hub, A Reliance Enterprise. In this role, Rajiv is responsible to evangelize the Start-Up ecosystem, identify and connect with the deserving start-ups, academia, government agencies, mentors, angel investors and VC networks globally. Since 2002 till end of 2015, Rajiv was an integral part of NASSCOM’s senior management team. He headed NASSCOM’s first regional office in Mumbai and grown to manage the membership outreach nationally. He initiated many path breaking initiatives at NASSCOM including Cyber Safety initiatives with enforcement agencies, start-up incubators with State Governments under 10K Startup programme, evangelised Animation and Gaming industry and nurtured it, lead the ISO Standards initiative to establish a Global BPO and Product Quality Framework Standards out of India. He helped establish NASSCOM’s emerge forum in its formative days. At NASSCOM, he was enthusiastic about developing new IT destinations in the country, and fostering platforms for Industry-academia interactions as he believed that these were the two most critical requirements for the Indian IT industry to maintain its globally advantageous position. Rajiv was a member of AICTE (WR) and of IQAC of the SNDT Women’s University and Trustee at Dewang Mehta Foundation Trust. With Harish Mehta, the first President of TiE, Mumbai and the first Chairman of NASSCOM, Rajiv co-founded TiE in India. He built the organisation bottoms-up and nurtured the start-up ecosystem in India since early 2000. He got early exposure to work with TiE in Silicon Valley and investors, entrepreneurs and mentors such as Kanwal Rekhi, Suhas Patil, Desh Deshpande, Sridhar Iyengar, Raj Jaswa, Shabir Bhatia, Raj Desai and many others… He has worked with Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), Franchising Association of India (FAI) and US- Environment Resource Center (US-ERC). In the corporate sector, his experience includes stints with two U.S. Freight Forwarding giants Emery Worldwide and Air Express International in sales & marketing. In 2000, Rajiv was invited by the U.S. Government to participate in their International Visitors programme on US Trade and World Market. Rajiv has administered several outward trade delegations including those to International Franchise Expo ’99, USA, Emerging Companies delegations to CeBIT Australia and Silicon Valley. He has represented NASSCOM in the International Advisors Council to the Mayor of Luwan District in Shanghai, China and E-Sports Symposium in Seoul, Korea. Rajiv is a Science graduate from Mumbai University. He is passionate about music and literature. His blog url:
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14 thoughts on “Dewang Mehta – Beyond the Icon.

  1. Rajiv thanks for remembering him. Very few have such a big heart like you. His contribution to the IT industry or the concrete foundation he made for the IT Sector is commendable. 🙏

  2. Rajiv, that’s an excellent career summary, highlighting the achievements of “the man” for the Industry, that was Dewang Mehta, as we knew him in the IT Industry.
    Our hearty congratulations,regards, aloke

  3. Well written….and not many also know that Dewang was super at Graphics and Designing. I had the fortune of watching him up and close during the early days of NASSCOM formation and subsequent build up. Sangeeta Gupta, I am sure will have reams of paper to write on her working with Dewang

  4. Nice article Rajiv. It is important to re-emphasise certain very important aspects to today’s generation
    on a regular basis, so that it energies them and rekindles hope to all. As you said memories are very short especially good ones like of Dewang

  5. Rajiv, thanks for writing this piece & your strong connect with Dewang Mehta. I remember having met him briefly though, especially his iconic hairstyle that stood him apart.

    The Dewang Mehta Auditorium at Persistent, Pune is the strongest connect I have of him 🙂

  6. Excellent writing indeed. I too remember Dewang fondly and with lot of respect. He helped my young company in 1996 to become a Nasscom member, creating the foundation of my 21 years of active participation.

  7. Dear Rajiv Sir… Fantastic to learn a bit about Late (Mr.) Dewang Mehta, the Genius and a Pioneer of The New India Movement… It’s so very unfortunate that he left us that early & untimely… Await to see another visionary like him in the near future… “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM… WHEREVER HE IS… RIP…”

  8. Thanks for remebering Dewang! I too first met him around the late 90’s when he had just taken over as Nasscom Chief. Dr.Arvind Shah and Atul Nishar had started the National Association of Computer Trainers and we held our first meeting at the Taj and Dewang was there. I met him several times after that including in various B School events and NASSCOM events. I still remember the example he once gave about how a woman in a remote Gujarat village got a huge order from a top Tie manufacturing company for her innovative bandhni designs – entirely through the Net. This was even before the dot com era! We all miss Dewang. He once told me that he is a CA by profession – and yet he knew so much about IT and Branding!

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