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It Costs Nothing to be Kind.

Three disciples were graduating from their Gurukul after 25 years of Brahmcharyashram. They were getting back to their lives upon completing their education. Guru told them that one of their exams was pending, which he would take as they leave the school. Disciples were waiting for this exam till the final day of departure, but Guru did not take any exam. The disciples thought that Guru must have changed his plans or would have forgotten about it.

The sun was setting. The disciples were all set to leave the Gurukul to go to their respective homes. As they walked a couple of miles from the Gurukul on the narrow road with bushes around, they found thorny branches and gorse lying in the middle of their path. One disciple jumped over the gorse, while the other made way from the side and moved ahead.

The third disciple picked up those thorny twigs and threw them over the bushes to clean the road. To his surprise, their Guru was hiding behind the bushes. He appeared and told the third disciple that only he had cleared the exam and had truly graduated from the Gurukul. He asked the other two who had gone ahead to come back, since they had more work to put into themselves.

Such small, insignificant gestures reveal the love, mercy and compassion within us and builds our friendly and gentle persona.   As someone so beautifully said – It costs nothing to be kind.

Many a times we feel unduly exhausted. We feel underlying tension, pressure and discomfort without any obvious reasons. We feel heavy from within and stressed out. We feel disturbed and restless, not at peace. When we deep-dive into the inner self, we realize that there lies anger, jealousy, hatred for others and we are filled with such negative sentiments. The more we have friction and malice in our mind for others, we are not at peace.

Just imagine that everyone in this world and everything around us are our friends – people, animals, birds, trees, mountains, river, stones, furniture, walls, windows,…- the entire world. Please feel that the entire universe is filled with love and friendship for you, and you in turn are reciprocating the same love and friendship towards them….you will experience a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Create a circle of friendship around you and you will feel that the turbulent ocean of restlessness in your mind will soon become peaceful and quiet.

Osho says it is much easier to put this in practice. When you go to sleep, think and feel the sense of love and friendship for the whole world around you. Think and feel that the divine stream of love and friendship is flowing from you to the entire world and you will find that you will wake up with a renewed peace of mind in the morning. If we keep these sentiments in mind 24 x 7 that ‘I am friendly to everyone around me’ and if these thoughts keep flowing out from us – it will diminish the other sentiments such as anxiety, aggression, outrage, friction, hatred and negativity.

As we know, what goes around comes around….better to let goodness flow, friendship and love flow, because the more we spread such positive sentiments, the more we will receive them.

Wow! Now I understood the real meaning of what Jesus meant when He said “Love thy neighbour”, and the deeper sentiment behind the word “friendship” – Happy Friendship Day to you!


एक कतरा ही सही एसी नियत दे मौला
किसी को प्यासा देखूँ तो दरिया हो जाऊँ ,,

Ek katara hi sahi, aisi neeyat de Maula;
kisi ko pyasa dekhun to dariya ho jaavu.

i may just be a droplet, but Oh my Lord,
may i become an ocean for a thirsty soul

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3 thoughts on “It Costs Nothing to be Kind.

  1. Fantastic Rajiv Sir… The detailing is even better, very apt for today, Friendship Day. Thanks for your Wishes… Warmly Reciprocate… HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY… God Bless You & All…

  2. Good one.. well expressed, Simple thoughts needs engraving to make it natural behaviour. Good reinforcement. Keep writing my friend. Happy friendship day 😊👍.

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