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Happy Teachers’ Day.

You might have seen a video in social media circulation. For those who haven’t, I am sharing a transcript of that video here, which is so so inspiring. While I was watching the video I was reminded of many episodes that happened during my student days, professional career and personal life when my parents, my family, teachers, bosses, colleagues, friends, mentors, had overlooked my mistakes without making me feel small. I am ever so grateful to all of them from the bottom of my heart.

A young man went over to an elderly Jew at a wedding.
He said, “You remember me?”
The old man said, “I don’t remember you. who are you?
The young man introduces himself.
The old man said, “Ahh, you were my student in the third grade. You were my student. Ya…Wow haven’t seen you for so many years. How is your life? what were you involved in?”
The young man said, “I am a teacher.”
“wow just like me. What inspired you to become a teacher?” Old man said.
“What inspired me to become a teacher was YOU.” replied the young man.
“How did I inspired you to become a teacher?” Old man inquired.
“I saw what an impact you had on me, I realized what an impact I can have on the children, I decided to go into education.” Said the young man.
“What type of impact did I have on you?” Old man asked.

Young man said: “I will remind you but I am sure you will remember this story. One day, a friend of mine got a beautiful wrist watch gifted by his parents. I had dreamt of getting a watch but I couldn’t afford one, so I decided to steal his watch.

He had it in his bag, I took his watch, stole it. He came to the class, realized that somebody had stolen his watch, he went complaining to the teacher (you) that somebody stole his watch. So you made an announcement, ‘whoever took this boy’s watch, please return it.’

I was too embarrassed, I didn’t want to return it, so I didn’t. You locked the door and said,’I have to line everybody up and empty their pockets in order to get the watch back.’
And that’s what you did. I thought to myself, this is going to be the most shameful moment of my life.

Then you said, ‘All boys line up at the wall, but I want everybody to have their eyes closed. Everybody’s eyes must be closed’. You went from pocket to pocket, and everybody’s eyes were closed. Then you came to my pocket, you found the watch, you took it out. You went through everybody else’s pockets, with everybody’s eyes closed.

Then you said, “Ok you can open your eyes.’ You gave the watch to my friend. You never ever said a word to me throughout the entire year. You never mentioned the story, you never mentioned the episode.

When I thought to myself how you saved my dignity that day, instead of being stereotyped, as a gonif, as a thief, as a shkarim, as a liar, as no good, as a despicable child, you really saved my soul, you saved my dignity. And you never mentioned a word to anybody else, not only to the owner but even to me. Whatever happened, its over. I understood the message and I thought ‘wow this is what a teacher is, this is what an educator is…this is what I want to do with my life. And therefore I went into education.

The teacher was listening to him and said, “Wow that was amazing. That’s really amazing.”
But the young man said, “But Rappy, you don’t remember? You don’t remember the story? Like when you see me, when you hear my name, I am sure you remember the story that I stole the watch, and you didn’t want to embarrass me and made sure that everybody’s eyes were closed and…

The teacher said, “Actually, I don’t know, I wouldn’t know the story. “

Young man asked,”Why not? it’s a pretty dramatic story.

The teacher said, “Because….I also closed my eyes.

I wish that we can become such leaders, such teachers, such parents, such educators, such human beings.


घर से मस्जिद है बहुत दूर चलो यूँ कर लें ,
किसी रोते हुए बच्चे को हँसाया जाए – निदा फ़ाज़ली

Ghar se masjid hai bahut duur chalo yuuñ kar leñ,
kisī rote hue bachche ko hañsāyā jaa.e. – Nida Fazli

The place of worship is too far from home, let’s do this instead
make a crying child smile.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Teachers’ Day.

  1. Let’s all forgive and forget and make others day . Namaskar to such good teachers and may we get this inspiration🙏🏽💐👌

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