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Alertness: State of Mind

There was a Zen Master who was famous for his teachings about “Alertness”. Many students and disciples used to come to him from far away places. One day the Prince of a nearby kingdom decided to reach out to the Master to be his student. Master was sitting below a tall Redwood tree and meditating. Prince came and bowed to…

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People: Outside-In & Inside-Out.

“Man is a social animal” and therefore we have to deal with people practically all our lives. Be it a large organisation or a small start-up, challenges associated with leadership, HR, and management revolve around understanding people, their attitude, aptitude, ambitions, approach and activities. We all know that human beings are complex. Difficult to de-code, identify or categorise. It’s tough…

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How Do I Resolve?

The new year fever is still in the air. Abhishek Prasad, colleague of mine was sharing a joke that was circulating on WhatsApp groups regarding the New Year Resolution, which was like – “My resolution for 2018 is that I will complete the incomplete resolution that I wrote in 2017, which I planned in 2016 and thought about in 2015….”…

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In Search of My Hanger!

In the suburbs of Florida, his house was damaged in the last thunderstorm. David Goldrich, 65 engaged John Peterson who was in his early forties, to help him with his multi-skill professional services of carpentry, plumbing, electrical and for other ancillary work. It was at least 45+ days of assignment. John was very regular, dedicated and sincere in his work.…

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