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Start-up: Ek Haath ki Taali.

          Someone asked me randomly one day that who was my favourite character in Mahabharat? As a reflex I said – Eklavya. This name just surfaced as I heard the question, though the guy was expecting something more traditional like typically Arjuna or Krishna or whatever….hence he promptly asked me – Why? why Eklavya !!?? Eklavya…

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My Prayer. My Pitch.

            Every day early morning this little girl would come to the church and stand before the Lord, close her eyes and with folded hands, murmur something for a couple of minutes. Then open her eyes, bow down, smile at the Christ’s statue and go out running. This was a daily affair. Every morning she…

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I am my own critique.

                One day I will write separately to tell you how I got connected with performing art, the Stage, music and the entertainment world. Fortunately, I have many friends who are renowned singers, musicians and poets. One such genius is Shri Babulal Gandharva. Babulal ji has invented a new musical instrument called “Bela…

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Things that require ZERO TALENT.

            There was a famous astrologer in a village. He was very humble and noble. His predictions were always very accurate which brought people from far-away places to him for advice. He was frequented by kings and merchants who would seek his wisdom for their future courses of action. However, there were some negative elements…

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…..majjha ni life!

On a summer afternoon, Mulla Naseeruddin was in the garden watering the plants. His neighbour saw him and after observing him for a while, he called out to Mulla  –“Oye Mulla Naseeruddin, why are you cheating and fooling those flowers and plants?” Mulla looked up at his neighbour but continued his action ignoring the comment. The neighbour shouted again, “Mullllaaaa…

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