Life, StartUp

…..majjha ni life!

On a summer afternoon, Mulla Naseeruddin was in the garden watering the plants. His neighbour saw him and after observing him for a while, he called out to Mulla  –“Oye Mulla Naseeruddin, why are you cheating and fooling those flowers and plants?” Mulla looked up at his neighbour but continued his action ignoring the comment. The neighbour shouted again, “Mullllaaaa…

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Guru – My Source of Wisdom

  Let me begin with a story: A father and his 5 year old son were walking through a jungle of tall pine trees. The child asked, “Dad, who is holding the sky?” Father was baffled by this sudden and innocent question. He thought for a while and said, “My son, do you see all these tall pine trees? They…

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