Osho introduced me to this beautiful German language word “GESTALT” – an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.

For me, Gestalt is ‘my reference point’ – this is my gestalt when I see from where I am standing. Yours could be different and its quite alright.

Osho says, “God and you are just gestalts. If you are there, God remains hidden. When you disappear, He becomes manifest. When you come back again, He becomes hidden. Your very presence hides Him; your presence functions as a cloud.

Enjoy it, allow it… love it. And remain more and more in it. Whenever you have time, don’t waste it anywhere. Close your eyes; be empty. Soon the beauty of it will be revealed to you. By and by, you will have a taste of the new wine: absolutely new, because you have not known it before. Though it has always been there, you have never contacted it before. It will intoxicate you, it will make you ecstatic. You will be transformed through it.

The Blog

I loved story telling since my childhood. When I come across a good story, a good anecdote or a good thought, I am always tempted to share it with friends. Even at my work places, I practised Management By Story Telling and it worked.

Dr. Gunawant Shah, an essayist, educationist, columnist and philosophy writer and critics from Gujarat, India had once said that there are great masters who could ignite light of wisdom in the hearts of their disciples and others who reflect this wisdom, knowledge and content.  

“Gestalt – my reference point” was started thanks to my dear friends Anniruddha Nanivadekar, Nikhil Gundale, Sudhakar Dasoju and Arun Agrawal, Founder and CEO, EbizIndia Consulting. I am deeply indebted for their encouragement, and selfless support.