Choiceless Awareness.

A man came to Junnaid, a Sufi mystic, and asked him, ”What do you say about pre-determination, kismet, fate, and the freedom of man? Is man free to do whatever he wants to do? Or is he simply a puppet in the hands of an unknown puppeteer, who simply dances the dance that the puppeteer …

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Start getting dis-identified.

I was reading a beautiful anecdote: An elderly Irishman checked out of a hotel room and was half way to the bus depot when he realized he had left his umbrella behind. By the time he got back to the room, a newlywed couple had already checked in. Hating to interrupt anything, the Irishman got …

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Camel on the Roof.

Religion is a radical change of vision. It is not just a change of outlook. It is not just a change of ideology– it is a change of the very being itself. Hence it is radical – radical means of the roots. Religion is not a kind of renovation it is discontinuity from the past, …

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