A Secret Key.


In neither case am I far away or far above you. All that you need is to open your heart. Thinking creates distance. Feeling destroys distance.

Between two lovers– they may be thousands of miles away but there is no distance. And the person who is sitting by your side – if you don’t have any love for the person, although he is sitting by your side almost touching your body there is a distance of thousands of millions of miles.

Closeness is not a physical phenomenon; it is a spiritual thing. Neither time nor space can create any distance. Your question is important, important for all to remember, that the more you love the more you are close to me. And when I say love I do not mean love to me, I mean simply LOVE MORE – whoever is around you. People, animals, birds, trees – just love more and you will be close to me!

I have heard about an old Buddhist nun….

She had a very beautiful golden buddha. She used to travel and stay in one temple, another temple, and all those temples had big buddhas, many statues. She had a small, portable buddha, because she had to continuously travel. But it was solid gold and a very artistic creation. It was a very beautiful statue.

Each morning, praying to the buddha, there was only one difficulty. She would burn incense, and you cannot say to incense, ”Only go to my buddha.” The incense will go in all directions, it will reach to other buddhas. Big buddhas which have big noses… the small buddhas sometimes will miss all the incense….

No, the old nun was in great despair that this was not right, something had to be done. Finally, she managed to do something. She made a small device, a hollow bamboo. So she would burn the incense and put the bamboo with one side touching her small buddha’s nose and the other side near the incense. But then a great difficulty arose: the small buddha’s nose became black! The incense reached, but it burned the poor buddha.

She went to the abbot of that monastery where she was staying and she asked. ”What to do? I am stupid. I did this just to take care of my buddha, because I am praying to him and the incense goes to the other buddhas. I am not praying to them.”

The abbot said, ”To pray to Buddha and still to be so possessive that you cannot even allow other statues of the same man to have the incense…. In fact, even if the incense reaches to human beings, to animals, to the trees, you should be happy. It is reaching to life! And unless you can see your buddha everywhere, not only in this small statue, you have not understood at all. Your misunderstanding has damaged your buddha.”

So, when I say LOVE, when I say TRUST, I do not mean love me only, trust me only. That’s where religions have gone wrong. Be loving, be trusting to all without any discrimination. Your love, your trust has not to be a relationship with me, it has to be a state of your being that you are loving, that you are trusting; that whatever happens, your loving and your trusting will remain the same… you may be deceived, you may be cheated.

It happened in a court that the magistrate was astonished at the fact that the same man was again and again cheated….

Almost every two weeks there was some case in which the same man was deceived, cheated. The magistrate asked the man, ”What is the matter with you? Why does everybody cheat you, deceive you?”

The man said, ”It is simple: I trust people. How can they deceive if I don’t trust? It is not their fault. It is my way of life: I trust. And naturally, I become more vulnerable to being deceived. If anybody has to be punished, you can punish me; don’t punish them. And I am going to trust whatever happens. Howsoever I am deceived it doesn’t matter. What matters is that my trust remains unwavering. Whether my love is returned with love or not, whether anybody responds lovingly or not does not matter. What matters is that my love remains unwavering.”

In this world people will certainly cheat you more if you love, they will deceive you more if you trust. But it is worth it. What can they cheat? What can they take? Finally, death is going to take everything away. So if they are taking some burden before death comes, let them! Finally, death will collect it either from you or from them. It does not matter finally.

But if you can remain trusting, loving, in spite of everything that goes against your love and your trust, it will make you such a joyous being that in joy you will find yourself close to me. In your rejoicing you will find me close too. Singing and dancing or playing on the flute or on the tamboura, you will find me close to you, listening.

It is not a question of physical closeness. All that is needed is a quality of unshakable love and trust.

It is my understanding too.

You know to love, but you just have a very limited area to your love. These qualities are basically such that if you want them, you have to have them in their unlimitedness. You cannot have just a little bit of love, just a little bit of honesty, just a little bit of trust. Either you have the whole trust, the whole love, or you don’t have it at all. It is indivisible.

I teach very simple things: be loving, be trustful. As far as others are concerned, be compassionate. And as far as you are concerned, be more and more silent, be more and more aware, be more and more conscious. Whatever you do, do it with consciousness. Just don’t go on doing it like a machine, out of habit.

As far as others are concerned the three qualities are love, trust, compassion. As far as you are concerned the three qualities are silence, awareness, consciousness. If these things are possible, you will find me close, very close, as you have never found anybody. And this closeness will be an achievement. I may be miles away – that does not matter. I may not be in the body– that too does not matter, because now you have a secret key of being close spiritually.

Osho: The Sword and the Lotus : CHAPTER 13. ALMOST READY TO STEAL THE TRUTH Q 2 (Excerpts)

दिल को तिरी चाहत पे भरोसा भी बहुत है
और तुझ से बिछड़ जाने का डर भी नहीं जाता ………….अहमद फ़राज़

dil ko tirī chāhat pe bharosa bhī bahut hai
aur tujh se bichhaḌ jaane kā Darr bhī nahīñ jaatā ……………AHMAD FARAZ

My heart is confident about your love;
and it keeps dreading of separation from you.

As Osho says, ” You cannot have just a little bit of love, just a little bit of honesty, just a little bit of trust. Either you have the whole trust, the whole love, or you don’t have it at all. It is indivisible.” This song also emphasizes that – You will have to forget all about infatuation, try embarking upon on the journey of love! … a mind-blowing composition by Music Mastaero Nusarat Fateh Ali Khan – Tumhe Dillagi bhool jaani padegi – from the album “Bewafa Se Bhi Pyar Hota Hai.”

Tumhein Dillagi Bhool Jani Paray Gi | Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan | Lyrical Qawwali | Shemaroo Punjabi (youtube.com)

Album: Bewafa Se Bhi Pyar Hota Hai (Loosely translated)

You will have to forget all about infatuation…
Try embarking upon on the journey of love! (2)

You will not mock my suffering then…… When you have tried giving your heart to someone!

A smile dare not creep upon the lips… This is a matter of the heart not just an infatuation!
Wound upon wound… inflicted Sip after sip… of your own blood Let out not a sigh, seal you lips This is love, not infatuation! When you have fallen in love you shall see Love is no infatuation
Love is no child’s play Think of it not as water, this is fire!
It’s make you shed bloody tears… Don’t think of it as child’s play

This love is not easy Think of it this way… It is a river of fire… And you must drown to cross!

You may not expect me to be faithful, But, you must try me at least once… You gave yourself to this world… Now try making me your own!
For God’s sake, reveal yourself now… Lift the veil now, it has been long since
The world broke into recitation of praise… For God’s sake, reveal yourself now…
I couldn’t understand what is the intent of your gaze
Shy this moment, and inviting the next, what is this game?
For God’s sake, reveal yourself now…

My darling, I cannot bear to see this struggle now For God’s sake, reveal yourself now…
For God’s sake, reveal yourself now… For you and I are strangers no more
Why the veil on the night of the union? Uncover your face and look up now.

Broke my heart, and tortured me plenty Perhaps a kind gaze this way now?
Forever my sight offended you Perhaps direct a smile my way now?
In love, I have born every wound inflicted All this is in custody of my sincerity to you
The way that you tease me day and night… Try to tease another and see!
Though she seems upset about something Perhaps it is better to just move on
To accept me or not, that is her will But try to convince her with all your passion!

You will have to forget all about infatuation Try embarking upon on the journey of love!

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