Empty Yourself.

When a great mathematician, P. D. Ouspensky, went to see a very strange mystic, George Gurdjieff, Ouspensky was already world-famous, and Gurdjieff was not known at all; nobody had heard about him. Ouspensky had already written one of the greatest books in the world, TERTIUM ORGANUM. It is said that there are only three great […]

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RETIRE when your work is done.

TO BE PROUD WITH WEALTH AND HONORIS TO SOW THE SEEDS OF ONE’S OWN DOWNFALL.RETIRE WHEN YOUR WORK IS DONE.SUCH IS HEAVEN’S WAY.RETIRE WHEN YOUR WORK IS DONE. WHEN YOU SEE that a work has given you balance, that you have attained happiness, don’t ask formore; when you feel good don’t ask for more; when

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All Extremes Fail.

02nd July is the birthday of German-born Swiss poet, novelist and painter Hermann Karl Hesse. Born in 1877, Hesse exhibited traits of being strong-willed, prodigious and passionate from early childhood. Hesse won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946. His best-known works include Demian, Steppenwolf, Siddhartha and The Glass Bead Game, each of which explores an individual’s search for authenticity, self-knowledge and spirituality.

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Five Knots on Scarf.

WHAT IS THE GREATEST PROBLEM IN THE WORLD? THE greatest problem or the smallest problem, it is the same: MAN. And when I say man, I do notmean something abstract. I mean I, you, he, she. There exists no man as such, separate from human beings. Man lives a problematic life, and dies a problematic

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Joy of Being Oneself.

WHY DOES EVERYBODY WANT TO PROVE AND TO ASSERT? WHAT IS THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND PROVING AND ASSERTING ONESELF? PLEASE EXPLAIN. The psychology behind assertiveness, behind proving oneself, is very simple. Every child, from his very beginning, is told that he is not what he should be. Disciplines are given, commandments are given; he has to

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What is right, what is wrong?

You ask me: what is right, what is wrong? I say to you to be AWAKE is right. To be ASLEEP is wrong. I don’t determine acts wrong and right as such. My focus is your being. My effort is that you are there, in your being. Then whatever you do is right. One Zen

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Drop it.

HOW DO YOU REDEFINE ”FREEDOM” AND ”THE MASTER”? The word ‘master’ creates confusion. It gives you the idea that you have become a slave, somebody has become your master. In the East, the word is used in the sense that you have become master of yourself, that you are no longer a slave, that you

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The moment of ecstasy.

Recently, I saw “The Railway Men: The Untold Story of Bhopal 1984” on Netflix and now seeing “Einstein and The Bomb.” The night of 2nd December 1984 saw one of the world’s worst industrial disasters at the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. Methyl Isocyanate, a highly poisonous gas, leaked from the plant killing

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A Secret Key.

HOW CAN WE BE CLOSE TO YOU WHEN YOU ARE FAR AND ABOVE US IN EVERY RESPECT. In neither case am I far away or far above you. All that you need is to open your heart. Thinking creates distance. Feeling destroys distance. Between two lovers– they may be thousands of miles away but there

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After twelve years.

It is only a question of when one decides to wake up. It is up to you whether you want to have a little more sleep — then turn over and pull the blanket up. But even while you are asleep inside the blanket, enjoying a beautiful morning, you are a buddha. It is up

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