Rabindranath and the old man

Life must be something more. To be of any value, life must have something of eternity in it; it must be something beyond death. And you can know it, because it exists within you. Life exists within you — death is only an experience of others, outside observers. It is simply like love. Can you …

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If I don’t, who will?

There was a man in Gautam Buddha’s time whose name was Angulimal. He had taken a vow to cut off one thousand heads, and to take one finger from each dead person so that he could remember how many he had killed and he will make a garland of one thousand fingers. Angulimal means the …

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Camel on the Roof.

Religion is a radical change of vision. It is not just a change of outlook. It is not just a change of ideology– it is a change of the very being itself. Hence it is radical – radical means of the roots. Religion is not a kind of renovation it is discontinuity from the past, …

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