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From Reflection to Reality!

          Yesterday morning as I was brushing my teeth and looking into the mirror, a thought occurred to me – What if the reflection that I am seeing becomes a reality? I wondered, what if the person in the mirror comes out and starts living with me in the physical world 24×7 ??? I was pushed…

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Run for your Life!

              There was a hunter who used to go for his hunt in the jungle almost daily. Sometimes he would hunt for himself and his family, otherwise he would sell his hunt to earn some money. One day the young hunter thought that a time would come when he will grow too old to…

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Funny Story – Serious Lesson

          There was a crazy man who thought that he had a living fly in his body. He would suddenly stop working and hold his stomach saying that the fly was moving inside the tummy, or he would hold his head listening to the sound of the fly buzzing in his ears… His wife got worried…

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Alertness: State of Mind

          There was a Zen Master who was famous for his teachings about “Alertness”. Many students and disciples used to come to him from far away places. One day the Prince of a nearby kingdom decided to reach out to the Master to be his student. Master was sitting below a tall Redwood tree and meditating.…

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People: Outside-In & Inside-Out.

                “Man is a social animal” and therefore we have to deal with people practically all our lives. Be it a large organisation or a small start-up, challenges associated with leadership, HR, and management revolve around understanding people, their attitude, aptitude, ambitions, approach and activities. We all know that human beings are complex.…

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Start-up: Ek Haath ki Taali.

          Someone asked me randomly one day that who was my favourite character in Mahabharat? As a reflex I said – Eklavya. This name just surfaced as I heard the question, though the guy was expecting something more traditional like typically Arjuna or Krishna or whatever….hence he promptly asked me – Why? why Eklavya !!?? Eklavya…

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“Stay online where ever you are Vijay.”

                Vijay Mukhi was never ‘Late’…. Rather he would be the first one to arrive at the venue with open collar shirt and jacket. Would be impatiently checking if guests are coming on time, would quickly ask me to ensure who should speak and who should not, with a slimy wink and an…

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How Do I Resolve?

                The new year fever is still in the air. Abhishek Prasad, colleague of mine was sharing a joke that was circulating on WhatsApp groups regarding the New Year Resolution, which was like – “My resolution for 2018 is that I will complete the incomplete resolution that I wrote in 2017, which I…

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