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How I choose my Beedi!?

Shahbuddin Rathod is a renowned Humorist, Writer of Gujarati Literature, Teacher and School Principal. His humor is loaded with sharp observations of human behavior and human psychology. While he will make you roll on the floor laughing, he will also make you think and introspect. Shahbuddin bhai once said, “If we observe people who smoke beedis – (A beedi is like a…

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Michchami dukkadam !!!

Once upon a time, a renowned thinker traveled a long distance to meet a Fakir (Holy man). He was exhausted, thirsty and tired. As he reached the ashram, he forcefully pulled the door open and banged it behind him. He then sat on a bench and dumped his shoes on the floor with a thrust. He came inside the hall…

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You are your Krishna-the Charioteer.

Every country has its own traditions. Like we Indians have Diwali – festival of lights, Holi – festival of colours, festival of kites, likewise Czech Republic celebrates spring festival in their churches every year. They end the festival with a symphony of their greatest maestro Beethoven to be performed by different musicians from across the globe each year. In 1963,…

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Starting from the End.

Question: “Osho, how do you manage to always have the right anecdote at the right moment?” Osho: “Let me answer to this with an anecdote. A king, passing through a small town, saw what he took to be indications of amazing marksmanship. On trees, barns and fences there were numbers of bulls-eyes, each with a bullet-hole in the exact center.…

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Because You Are Unaware…

Osho was once asked whether he was against “Great People- Maha Purush“ ??…he said No, but yes he was against one thing for sure and that was – ’till we keep making great people in the world, the small people will keep germinating. That cannot be stopped. When we call someone great, we unknowingly call the rest inferior…we just don’t…

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Remove the peg, untie the rope.

On a dark night, a caravan stayed in the desert Sarai (man-made inn /large tent). The caravan had 100 camel. The herders tied the camels with ropes and pegs (khuti). But they found that one camel was left untied. They were somehow missing one rope and one peg. It was midnight and the shops were closed by then, so there…

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Love: Do I qualify?

I came across this story about Meher Baba. ( Meher Baba was an Indian spiritual master who was born in 1894 in Pune, India, to Irani Zoroastrian parents. His spiritual transformation began when he was 19 years old and lasted for seven years. The news about Meher baba as a Mystic had reached everywhere and people were curious to see…

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