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“The original word SIN means “to miss”. It doesn’t mean to commit something wrong; it simply means to miss, to be absent. The Hebrew root for the word sin means ‘to miss’. That exists in a few English words: mis-conduct, mis-behavior. “To miss” means not to be there, doing something without being present there — this is the only sin.

And the only virtue: while you are doing something you are fully alert — what Gurdjieff calls self-remembering, what Buddha calls being rightly mindful, what Krishnamurti calls awareness, what Kabir has called SURATI. To be there! — that’s all that is needed, nothing more. You need not change anything, and even if you try to change you cannot.

You have been trying to change many things in you. Have you succeeded? How many times have you decided not to be angry again? What happened to your decision? When the moment comes you are again in the same trap: you become angry, and after the anger has gone, again you repent. It has become a vicious circle: you commit anger and then you repent, then you are ready again to commit it.

If you are alert, many things simply drop; you need not drop them. In awareness certain things are not possible. And this is my definition, there is no other criterion.

Why do we use the term ‘falling in love’? It is a FALLING; you are falling, you are not RISING. When you are aware, falling is not possible — you rise in love. And rising in love is a totally different phenomenon from falling in love. Falling in love is a dream state.

People who rise in love are totally different. You can see they are no more in a dream, they are facing the reality and they are growing through it. Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. And by and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Then it is not that you love this and you don’t love that, no — YOU ARE SIMPLY LOVE.

Whosoever comes near you, you share with them. Whatsoever is happening, you give your love to it. You touch a rock and you touch as if you are touching your beloved’s body. You look at the tree and you look as if you are looking at your beloved’s face. It becomes a state of being. Not that you are in love — now you ARE love. This is rising, this is not falling.

Love is beautiful when you rise through it, and love becomes dirty and ugly when you fall through it. And sooner or later you will find that it proves poisonous, it becomes a bondage. You have been caught in it, your freedom has been crushed, your wings have been cut; now you are free no more. Falling in love you become a possession: you possess and you allow somebody to possess you. You become a thing, and you try to convert the other person you have fallen in love with into a thing.

Look at a husband and a wife: they both have become like things, they are persons no more. Both are trying to possess each other. Only things can be possessed, persons never. How can you possess a person? How can you dominate a person? How can you convert a person into a possession? Impossible! But the husband is trying to possess the wife; the wife is trying the same. Then there is a clash, then they both become basically enemies, then they are destructive to each other.

It happened:
Mulla Nasruddin walked into the office of a cemetery and complained to the manager: “I know well that my wife is buried here in your cemetery but I can’t find her grave.”
The manager checked in his register and asked, “What is her name?”
So Mulla said, “Mrs. Mulla Nasruddin.”
He looked again and he said, “There is no Mrs. Mulla Nasruddin, but there is a Mr. Mulla Nasruddin.” So he said, “We are sorry, it seems something has gone wrong in the register.”
Nasruddin said, “Nothing is wrong. Where is the grave of Mulla Nasruddin? — because everything is in my name.”

Even the grave of his wife!

Possession… everybody goes on trying to possess: the beloved, the lover. This is no longer love. In fact when you possess a person, you hate, you destroy, you kill; you are a murderer. Love should give freedom; love IS freedom. Love will make the beloved more and more free, love will give wings, and love will open the vast sky. It cannot become a prison, an enclosure. But that love you don’t know because that happens only when you are aware; that quality of love comes only when there is awareness. You know a love which is a sin, because it comes out of sleep.

The mind is always either in the past or in the future. It cannot be in the present, it is absolutely impossible for the mind to be in the present. When you are in the present, the mind is there no more because mind means thinking. How can you think in the present?

You can think about the past; it has already become part of the memory, the mind can work it out. You can think about the future; it is not yet there, the mind can dream about it. Mind can do two things: either it can move into the past; there is space enough to move, the vast space of the past — you can go on and on and on. Or the mind can move into the future; again vast space, no end to it — you can imagine and imagine and dream.

But how can mind function in the present? It has no space for the mind to make any movement. The present is just a dividing line, that’s all. It has no space. It divides the past and the future; just a dividing line. You can be in the present but you cannot think; for thinking, space is needed. Thoughts need space, they are just like things — remember it. Thoughts are subtle things, they are material; thoughts are not spiritual, because the dimension of the spiritual starts only when there are no thoughts. Thoughts are material things, very subtle, and every material thing needs space. You cannot be thinking in the present; the moment you start thinking it is already the past.

When you are in the present without thinking, you are for the first time spiritual. A new dimension opens — THAT DIMENSION IS AWARENESS. Awareness means to be in the moment so totally that there is no movement toward the past, no movement toward the future — all movement stops. That doesn’t mean that you become static. A new movement starts, a movement in depth.

There are two types of movement. And that is the meaning of Jesus’ cross: it shows two movements, a crossroads. One movement is linear: you move in a line, from one thing to another, from one thought to another, from one dream to another dream; from A you move to B, from B you move to C, from C you move to D. This way you move — in a line, HORIZONTAL. This is the movement of time; this is the movement of one who is fast asleep. You can go like a shuttle, back and forth — the line is there. You can come from B to A, or you can go from A to B — the line is there. There is another movement which is in a totally different dimension. That movement is not horizontal, it is VERTICAL. You don’t go from A to B, from B to C; you go from A to a deeper A: from A1 to A2, A3, 4, in depth — or in height.

When thinking stops, the new movement starts. Now you fall into depth, in an abyss-like phenomenon. People who are meditating deeply, they come to that point sooner or later; then they become afraid because they feel as if an abyss has opened — bottomless, you feel dizzy, you become afraid. You would like to cling to the old movement because it was known; this feels like death. That is the meaning of JESUS’ CROSS: it is a death. Going from the horizontal to the vertical is death — that is the real death.

But it is death only from one side; on the other side it is resurrection. It is dying, to be born; it is dying from one dimension to be born in another dimension. Horizontal you are JESUS, vertical you become CHRIST.

On the horizontal line you move because of motivation. You have to achieve something — money, prestige, power, or God, but you have to achieve something; a motivation is there. A motivated movement means sleep.

An unmotivated movement means awareness — you move because to move is sheer joy, you move because movement is life, you move because life is energy and energy is movement. You move because energy is delight — not for anything else. There is no goal to it, you are not after some achievement. In fact you are not going anywhere, you are not going at all — you are simply delighting in the energy. There is no goal outside the movement; movement has its own intrinsic value, no extrinsic value. A Buddha also lives, a Heraclitus lives, I am here living, breathing — but a different type of movement… unmotivated.”

Osho: The Hidden Harmony Chapter #2 Chapter title: Fast Asleep Even While Awake (Excerpts)

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मेरे होने में किसी तौर से शामिल हो जाओ
तुम मसीहा नहीं होते हो तो क़ातिल हो जाओ ………………………..इरफ़ान सिद्दीक़ी

mere hone meñ kisī taur se shāmil ho jaao
tum masīhā nahīñ hote ho to qātil ho jaao ……………….IRFAN SIDDIQI

Somehow you become a part of my being
if you can’t be the Messiah, then become the assassin

A film song that became a prayer. Movie -Do Aankhen Barah Haath (1957) दो आँखें बारह हाथ Singer -Lata Mangeshkar Lyricist -Bharat Vyas Music Director -Vasant De…

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