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Because You Are Unaware…

Osho was once asked whether he was against “Great People- Maha Purush“ ??…he said No, but yes he was against one thing for sure and that was – ’till we keep making great people in the world, the small people will keep germinating. That cannot be stopped. When we call someone great, we unknowingly call the rest inferior…we just don’t…

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Remove the peg, untie the rope.

On a dark night, a caravan stayed in the desert Sarai (man-made inn /large tent). The caravan had 100 camel. The herders tied the camels with ropes and pegs (khuti). But they found that one camel was left untied. They were somehow missing one rope and one peg. It was midnight and the shops were closed by then, so there…

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Walk the Talk

In a village, there was a middle aged Sadhu (sage) residing in a hut. He was very pious. Villagers respected him and sought spiritual guidance from him regularly. Many would help him and offer their services to seek his blessings. People would gather near his hut under the tree to listen to his discourses and ask about many things that were…

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It Costs Nothing to be Kind.

Three disciples were graduating from their Gurukul after 25 years of Brahmcharyashram. They were getting back to their lives upon completing their education. Guru told them that one of their exams was pending, which he would take as they leave the school. Disciples were waiting for this exam till the final day of departure, but Guru did not take any…

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From Reflection to Reality!

Yesterday morning as I was brushing my teeth and looking into the mirror, a thought occurred to me – What if the reflection that I am seeing becomes a reality? I wondered, what if the person in the mirror comes out and starts living with me in the physical world 24×7 ??? I was pushed by this thought into a…

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