Am I wrong Again?

Q: Am I wrong Again?

If things are going so beautifully, why make a problem? Can’t you accept your own insight? Do you always need a witness? Do you always need somebody else’s approval?

When you are feeling so happy, is not that happiness enough proof that you are on the right track?

But in life you have been wrong so many times that you have lost trust in your own self. This is one very basic thing to be understood and relearned: trust in yourself. When everything is going beautifully and you are feeling happy and blissful, forget what I am saying. Don’t be worried about it. You know well that things are going well. Why create suspicion about your own experiences?

I have heard….

Mulla Nasrudin was going on a sight-seeing tour of Detroit. Going up Jefferson Avenue, the driver of the bus called out all the places of interest.

“On the right,” he announced, “we see the Dodge House.”

“John Dodge?” the Mulla asked.

“No, sir, Horace Dodge.” Continuing on further, he called out, “On the far left corner we have the Ford House.”

“Henry?” the Mulla suggested.

“No sir, Edsel.” Still further out on Jefferson: “On the near left crossing you will see Christ’s Church.”

“Jesus? or am I wrong again?” Mulla Nasrudin asked sheepishly.

I understand that life is such that you have been found wrong so many times that you have lost your inner feel. You have lost trust in yourself. You have lost confidence, so you have to ask somebody. Even if you are feeling blissful you have to ask somebody, “Am I going right?”

Bliss is the indication.

You have to decide. If it is really happening, you are really happy, it is a fact and you are not imagining it, then you are on the right track — because there is no indication other than blissfulness.

Enjoy it. Delight in it. And always remember that the criterion of the true is delight, celebration – there exists no other criterion of truth for me. A thing that gives you peace, a thing that gives you bliss, is real. Anything that gives you pain, that makes you suffer, is unreal. That is the only criterion, there is no other criterion.

So, if you are feeling happy, don’t get disturbed by the mind. The mind is a great poisoner, it immediately creates the suspicion that there is something wrong. ’You– and happy? Impossible!’ the mind says to you, ’it must be unreal.’

When you feel blissful you are right, moving in exactly the way you should move. Because bliss increases only when you are approaching closer to God, and in no other way. If you are going away from God, anguish arises. You feel more and more frustrated, more and more bored, more and more miserable.

Misery is an indication that you are going astray, a natural indication that you have lost track of truth. Bliss simply says that you are falling in line with the whole. Things are becoming harmonious, the garden of the Beloved is coming closer: the air feels cooler, winds bring the fragrance of the flowers, freshness, a new thrill, a new enthusiasm. Then you are moving towards the garden of the Beloved. Maybe you cannot see yet, but the direction is right.

So trust yourself. But if you are imagining, then drop all your imagination.

Osho: The Beloved, Vol 2 Chapter #8 Chapter title: I’m Just Being To You Q 2

मैं ने जब ख़ुद की तरफ़ ग़ौर से देखा तो खुला
मुझ को इक मेरे सिवा कोई परेशानी नहीं ………….अभिषेक शुक्ला

maiñ ne jab ḳhud kī taraf ġhaur se dekhā to khulā
mujh ko ik mere sivā koī pareshānī nahīñ ………………..Abhishek Shukla

When I carefully observed myself, I realized
I have no other troubles except myself.

It took me some time to spot this song which says – Yes, I am wrong!!! from the film “Love Aaj Kal” (2020) written by Irshad Kamil, composed by Pritam and sung by Arijit Singh.

(894) Haan Main Galat – Love Aaj Kal | Kartik, Sara | Pritam | Arijit Singh | Shashwat – YouTube

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