Be Absorbed.


Whatsoever beautiful moments, whatsoever ecstatic moments, happy moments you have had — collect them, cherish them, live with them, Live them. You will become more sensitive to happiness. Happiness will be more attracted towards you, love will happen to you more, meditation will come to you more easily. Life will become a benediction; existence will become a celebration. But you have to create a happy heart.

And then, in a fragmentary experience of bliss, find out the common note. A child picking flowers, a young man loving a girl, an old man sitting under a tree meditating. They all say it is blissful — there must be something common to all of them. On the periphery, from the outside, nothing appears to be common. A child picking flowers, a young man loving a girl, an old man chanting a mantra. Nothing seems to be common between them. But if they all say, “This is Blissful!” there must be something common. Find out that common element. Find out that one thing that is always there and without which they cannot say that all these moments are blissful moments.

It may be that the old man will deny any common element. He may say, “This young man is just foolish. There is nothing in girls, only bones and flesh, he is wasting his time.” Or the young man may say, “This small child picking up flowers is living in a fantasy. It is not real. When he becomes more knowing, he will throw these flowers. This is stupid, collecting flowers is useless., he is wasting time. He is ignorant.”

But still there must be something common to all of them. If the old man says that the young man is foolish, (or the young man says that the child is foolish), it simply means that for the old man LIFE HAS NOT YET BECOME A UNITY. It simply means that the old man is still angry at his own childhood. He cannot absorb it into his life current. His youth has not become a part of his life. The old man is fragmented, divided.

If the old man is really undivided, if he is searching for the common element in all experiences, that is wisdom. To find out the common element in all experiences, the essential element is wisdom. If the old man has come to realize what is essential in all blissful experiences, he will see that when he was sitting with a girl in deep love the same thing was happening that is now happening in his meditation. When he was picking flowers in the garden as a child, or playing with pebbles on the seashore, it was the same thing.

What is the common element? Attention, deep attention. Absorption. The child was absorbed with his stones, playing with them. The whole existence was forgotten. The child forgot himself. Nothing existed in that moment, no mind existed. The child was totally absorbed. Because of this absorption, the total annihilation of the ego, bliss happened. It became a meditation.

The young man was absorbed in his beloved. The whole existence dropped away as if nothing else existed. Even that disappeared: the lover and the beloved disappeared. Only Love existed. A moment existed that was eternal, a moment that was eternity itself. No past, no future. The NOW was all. It was a meditation. Love is a meditation. And then bliss happened.

Now the old man is chanting under a tree, or sitting in a temple listening to the bells of the temple and feeling very happy, ecstatic. What is happening? The same thing is happening in a different situation, in a different age, in a different experience. The same thing is happening — The world disappears. The old man is no more, the temple disappears. The present moment becomes total. He is here and now. The bells go on ringing. They don’t ring in the future: they ring in the present. No past memory enters, no future desire. The old man is here and now.

Whenever you are HERE and NOW, bliss happens. As a child playing with stones, as a young man playing with your beloved, or as an old man playing with chanting and meditation. If all three experiences can be felt as harmonious, you have found one of the ultimate laws of life. You have become wise. Wisdom has happened to you.

Osho: The New Alchemy: To Turn You On: Chapter 12: The Lesson of Harmony (Excerpts)

एक हाथी एक राजा एक रानी के बग़ैर
नींद बच्चों को नहीं आती कहानी के बग़ैर …………..मक़सूद बस्तवी

ek hāthī ek raaja ek raanī ke baġhair
niiñd bachchoñ ko nahīñ aatī kahānī ke baġhair……… MAQSOOD BASTAVI

Without an elephant, a King and a Queen
The child can’t sleep without listening to a story

A very sweet song filled with innocence and wonder, stirring soulful memories of one’s childhood…brilliantly acted by versatile Nutan and Shashikala, sung by Geeta Dutt and Asha Bhosle, written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and composed by S.D. Burman for Bimal Roy’s film “Sujata” (1959).

(1236) Bachpan Ke Din Bhi Kya | Sujata (1959) | Shashikala | Nutan | Hindi Old Song – YouTube

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