Rabindranath and the old man

Life must be something more. To be of any value, life must have something of eternity in it; it must be something beyond death. And you can know it, because it exists within you. Life exists within you — death is only an experience of others, outside observers. It is simply like love. Can you […]

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Crying IS MY celebration.

It looks a little strange but it is true: you can transform anything into a celebration. Just as you can transform any celebration into a miserable affair — it all depends on YOU. I have heard, in a small school the drawing teacher made a painting on the board. He was a good painter, and

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What is Love? (3/3)

On this Valentine’s Day, I felt like sharing Osho’s thoughts on LOVE from his most controversial discourse – “सम्भोग से समाधी की ओर — From Sex to Super consciousness” that he delivered in the evening of 28th August 1968 at the Gowalia Tank ground in Mumbai, where he talked about sex and its transformation –

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Camel on the Roof.

Religion is a radical change of vision. It is not just a change of outlook. It is not just a change of ideology– it is a change of the very being itself. Hence it is radical – radical means of the roots. Religion is not a kind of renovation it is discontinuity from the past,

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Be Absorbed.

LEARN FROM IT THE LESSON OF HARMONY. Whatsoever beautiful moments, whatsoever ecstatic moments, happy moments you have had — collect them, cherish them, live with them, Live them. You will become more sensitive to happiness. Happiness will be more attracted towards you, love will happen to you more, meditation will come to you more easily.

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