Happy frame of mind.


If you are unhappy, that simply means that you have learned tricks for being unhappy, and nothing else. Unhappiness depends on the frame of your mind. There are people who are unhappy in all kinds of situations. They have a certain quality in their mind which transforms everything into unhappiness. If you tell them about the beauty of the rose they immediately start counting the thorns. If you say to them, “What a beautiful morning, what a sunny day!” they will look at you as if they are surprised by your statement. They will say, “So what! One day between two dark nights! It is only one day between two dark nights, so what is the big deal? Why are you looking so fascinated?”

The same thing can be seen from a positive reference; then suddenly each night is surrounded by two days. And then suddenly it is a miracle that the rose is possible, that such a delicate flower is possible among so many thorns.

Everything is the same. All depends on what kind of frame you are carrying in your head.

Millions of people are carrying crosses; naturally, obviously, they are burdened. Their life is a drag. Their frame is such that it immediately becomes focused on everything that is negative. It magnifies the negative; it is a morbid approach towards life, pathological.

But they go on thinking, “What can we do? The world is such.”

No, the world is not such! The world is absolutely neutral. It has thorns, it has roses, it has nights, it has days. The world is utterly neutral, balanced, it has all. Now it depends on you as to what you choose. If you have decided to choose only the wrong, you will live in a wrong kind of world, because you will live in your own chosen world.

That’s how people create hell and heaven on the same earth. It looks very unbelievable that Buddha lived on this earth with the same kind of people, and lived in paradise. And you also live on the same earth with the same kind of people, and you live in hell.

Now, there are two possibilities. The political mind says, “Change the world.” The religious mind says, “Change the frame of your mind.”

Religion and politics are diametrically opposite. There is a possibility one day of a meeting of science and religion. Sooner or later, science and religion are bound to meet, because their approach is very similar. Maybe the direction is different – science searches the outer, and religion the inner. But the search, the quality of the search, is the same. The spirit of the search is the same.

But I don’t see any possibility that politics and religion can ever meet. Politics always thinks the world is wrong; change the society, the economic structure, this and that, and everything will be okay. And religion says the world has always been the same and will remain the same; you can change only one thing — the context of your mind, the space of your mind.


Let it become one of the fundamental rules of your life. Even if you come across a negative, find something positive in it. You will always be able to find something. And the day you become skillful at finding the positive in the negative, you will dance with joy.

Try it, try the new vision of life. Think in terms of optimism, don’t be a pessimist. The pessimist creates hell around himself and lives in it — YOU LIVE IN THE WORLD YOU CREATE.

Remember, there is not only one world, there are as many worlds as there are minds in the world. I live in my world; you live in your own world. They are not only different, they never overlap. They are utterly different; they exist on different planes.

Atisha makes it a fundamental rule for his disciples to live in a happy frame of mind.

Then you start turning each opportunity into a challenge for growth. For example, somebody insults you. Now it is so clear that you have been insulted, how can you practice a happy frame of mind now? Yes, it can be practiced. Insult a buddha and you will know.

Gautam Buddha was insulted once. He was passing by a village, and the villagers were very against him. It was impossible for them to comprehend what he was teaching. Compared to the buddhas, the whole world is always very primitive, very unsophisticated, very stupid. The people gathered and insulted him very much.

Buddha listened very silently and then he said, “If you are finished, can I take leave of you, because I have to reach the other village, and they must be waiting for me. If you are not finished, then when I return tomorrow morning you can come again and finish your job.”

One man from the crowd asked, “Have you not heard us? We have been insulting you, abusing you. We have been using all kinds of dirty words, anything that we can find.”

Buddha laughed. He said, “You have come a little too late — you should have come ten years ago. Then I was in the same frame of mind as you are; then I would have replied and replied well. But now this is simply an opportunity for me to be compassionate, to be meditative. I am thankful to you that you allowed me this opportunity. This is just a test – – a test of whether or not I have anything of the negative lurking anywhere in my unconscious mind.”

“And I am happy to declare to you, friends, that not even a single shadow of the negative has passed through my mind. I have remained utterly blissful; you have not been able to affect me in any way. And I am tremendously happy that you gave me such a great opportunity. Very few people are as kind as you are.”

This is how one should use situations, this is how an individual should use negative opportunities for inner growth, for inner understanding, for meditativeness, for love, for compassion. And once you have learned this happy frame of mind, this positive vision of life, you will be surprised that the whole existence starts functioning in a totally different way. It starts mothering you. It starts helping you in every possible way, it becomes a great friend.

And to know this is to know God. To know this, that existence mothers you, is to know God. There is no other God — just this feeling, this tremendous feeling, this penetrating feeling, that the existence loves you, protects you, helps you and showers many many blessings on you; that the existence is graceful towards you, that you are not alienated, that you are not a stranger, that this is your home.

To feel that “This existence is my home” is to know God.

Osho: The Book of Wisdom Chapter #9 Chapter title: Watching the Watcher (Excerpts)

सुनते हैं ख़ुशी भी है ज़माने में कोई चीज़
हम ढूँडते फिरते हैं किधर है ये कहाँ है ……………अज्ञात

sunte haiñ ḳhushī bhī hai zamāne meñ koī chiiz
ham DhūñDte phirte haiñ kidhar hai ye kahāñ hai ……………..UNKNOWN

I hear that there is something called happiness in the world,
we keep searching for it, where it is? where it is?

“Aaqa”, the first collaborative single of the duo – Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi – is the kind of devotional piece that greets your soul with immaculate clarity from the very onset. With the serene soft guitar, the song’s melodic heart unfolds as Abida Parveen and Ali Sethi’s shared musical heritage takes the reigns with their high-pitched vocals taking the track through the roof. The soundscape, constructed by music director Shuja Haider featuring a ferocious beat of the drums, layered with inimitable rhythm of the harmonium, coupled with the commanding Rubab chords convey the emotions that transcend lyrically – allowing the vocals a chance to take center stage, and creating a mammoth single that’s ever so poignant. Please enjoy with your eyes closed.

(405) Coke Studio Season 9| Aaqa| Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi – YouTube

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