Love: Do I qualify?

I came across this story about Meher Baba. ( Meher Baba was an Indian spiritual master who was born in 1894 in Pune, India, to Irani Zoroastrian parents. His spiritual transformation began when he was 19 years old and lasted for seven years.

The news about Meher baba as a Mystic had reached everywhere and people were curious to see him, meet him and ask complex questions of their lives. Once when Meher baba visited America, there was a journalist who had heard so much about baba that he was keen to meet him and interview him. He had prepared 20 questions that he thought he would ask baba when he will meet him. He was super excited.

Meher baba arrived and this journalist saw him…he was so dumbstruck…just by seeing Meher baba he thought almost all of his questions were answered and there was nothing else remaining to ask. However, he gathered himself and asked only one question — “Meher baba, why are you not married yet?”

Meher baba smiled and said, “My friend, there are two people in a marriage…I only see ONE everywhere and in everyone. With whom do I get married then?”
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

Romance is in the air….when we think of Love and romance names like Laila Majnu, Sheeri Farhad, Romeo Juliet come to our mind. The intensity of their love was such that their Love (मोहब्बत, Muhobbat) became a prayer to God, or meditation ( इबादत, ibaadat). Today when the world is celebrating Love, I too am remembering Majnu and his depth of love for Laila.

One afternoon, Majnu was lying near a river bank. With his every breath he was remembering and whispering L a i l a….L a i l a….L a i l a.

God was watching Majnu from the Heaven (जन्नत, Jannat). He thought that as Majnu is remembering Laila so much, instead if he would remember me — Allah, he would earn his place in the heaven. He promptly called his messengers ( Farishtye, फ़रिश्ते ) and ordered — “go to Majnu and tell him that Allah was calling him, so he should come to Heaven.”

Farishtye went and woke up Majnu from his trance…’Majnu, aye Majnu!’ Majnu — ‘huh?’

Faristye said — ‘मजनु, अल्लाह ने तुम्हें याद किया है ।’ ( “Majnu, Allah has remembered you and is calling you to the heaven.”)

Majnu smiled and said in a care-free manner, — मजनु को क्या ज़रूरत है की मस्जिद को जाए ? खुदा को गर ग़रज़ है, तो लैला बनकर आए! मेरे लिये मेरा ख़ुदा मेरी लैला है।

(“Why should Majnu go to the mosque? if Allah has a need, He must come to me in the form of Laila. For me my God is my beloved.”)

Will “You” be my Valentine?….who is “You”?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

उसने पूछा रह लेते हो कैसे तुम मेरे बिन ?
मैंने रेत पर ला कर कुछ मछलियाँ रख दी..

Usne puchha reh lete ho kaise tum mere bin?
Meine ret par la kar kuch machhaliyan rakkh di…

She asked me how I survive without her.
I just dropped some fishes on the sand….

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