Majjha ni life

On a summer afternoon, Mulla Naseeruddin was in the garden watering the plants. His neighbour saw him and after observing him for a while, he called out to Mulla –“Oye Mulla Naseeruddin, why are you cheating and fooling those flowers and plants?”

Mulla looked up at his neighbour but continued his action ignoring the comment.

The neighbour shouted again, “Mullllaaaa jiiii, the ‘Watering Can’ that you are moving over the flowers and plants is not sprinkling water, it’s empty. You are just enacting that you are watering the plants but there’s no water.”

Mulla yelled back, “Oh my stupid neighbour, yes I know, but why don’t you observe carefully, even the flowers are artificial!”


Where are those real flowers? Where can we find them?

What we are seeing around us is mostly a garden of artificial flowers and plants. We are occupied swinging Watering Cans without actually sprinkling any water over them…and life goes on, activities go on, hiring goes on, relationships go on, mentoring goes on, valuations go up…….. And like the old Parsi uncle says in Munnabhai MBBS…..’Carrom ramawa nu, Juice Peeva nu, Majjha ni Life!’ (*keep playing carrom, keep drinking the juice…..and life is beautiful.)

Can we just stop for a while and ask ourselves, what will it take to find the real flowers? Where can we find them? How can we find people with real water in their Cans?

I am sure, we will.

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Reminded of a song from film “Dushman” –

“सच्चाई छिप नहीं सकती बनावट के उसूलों से,
के खुशबू आ नहीं सकती कभी कागज़ के फूलों से l”

“Sacchai chip nahin sakati banavat ke usoolon se,
ke khushboo aa nahin sakati kabhi kagaz ke phoolon se.”

Deceptive principles can never hide the truth,
as artificial flowers can never have its fragrance.

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