Seeing The Obvious.


”What is it exactly that is obstructing my vision from seeing the obvious?”

THE VERY DESIRE TO SEE IT. The obvious cannot be desired. The obvious IS! You desire: you go
away. You start seeking for it: in that very moment you have made it distant, it is no more obvious, it is no more close by; you have put it far away. How can you seek the obvious? If you understand it is obvious, how can you seek it? It is just there! What is the need to seek it and to desire it?

The obvious is the divine. The mundane is the sublime. And the trivial is profound. In your day-today, ordinary activities, you are meeting God every moment of it – because there is nobody else.
You cannot meet anybody else; it is always God in a thousand and one forms. GOD IS VERY
OBVIOUS. Only God is! But you seek, you desire… and you miss. In your very seeking you put God very distant, far away. That is an ego trick. Try to understand it.

The ego is not interested in the obvious, because the ego cannot exist with the obvious. The ego is NOT interested at all in the close-by. The ego is interested in the distant, faraway. Just think: man has reached to the moon, and man has not reached to his own heart yet… the distant. Man has invented space travel, but still he has not developed soul travel. He has reached Everest, but he does not bother to go into his own being.

The close-by is missed and the faraway is sought. Why?

The ego feels good– if the journey is hard the ego feels good. There is something to prove. If it is
difficult, there is something to prove. To go to the moon, the ego feels good, but to go into one’s own being will not be much of a claim.

There is an old story:

God created the world; then He used to live on the earth. You can imagine: His troubles were
too many. Everybody was complaining; everybody was knocking at odd hours. In the night people would come and they would say, ”This is wrong, and today we need rain and it is so hot.” And somebody would come just afterwards and he would say, ”Don’t bring rains – I am doing something and it will spoil everything.”

And God was getting almost mad: ”What to do?! So many people, so many desires, and everybody expecting and everybody needs fulfillment, and their desires are so contradictory. The farmer wants the rain and the potter wants no rain, because he has made pots and they will be destroyed; he needs hot sun for a few days” – and so on and so forth….

The God called His council and asked: ”What to do? – they will drive me crazy. And I cannot satisfy them all. Or they will murder me someday! I would like some place to hide.”

And they suggested many things. Somebody said, ”That is not a problem– you just go to Everest.
That is the highest peak in the Himalayas; nobody will ever reach there.”

God said, ”You don’t know! Just after a few seconds” – for God that is just after a few seconds –
”Edmund Hillary will reach there with Tensing, and then the trouble will start. And once they know, then they will start coming in helicopters and buses, and everything will…. No, that won’t do. It will solve things for a few seconds.” Remember, God’s time has a different way. In India we say millions of years is one day of God – so a few seconds.

Then somebody suggested, ”And why not the moon?”

He said, ”That too is not very far – a few seconds more and somebody will reach the moon.” And they suggested faraway stars, but God said, ”That is not going to solve the problem. It’s simply
a sort of postponement. I want a permanent solution.”

Then an old servant of God came close, whispered something in His ear, and God said, ”You are
right. That will do!”

And the old servant had said, ”There is only one place where man will never reach – you hide in
man himself.”

And that is the place where God has been hiding since then: in man himself. That is the last thing man will ever think.

The obvious is the missed, because ego is not interested. Ego is interested in hard, difficult, arduous things, because there is a challenge. When you win, you can claim. If the obvious is there and you win, what sort of victory is this? You are not much of a winner. That’s why man goes on missing the obvious and goes on seeking the distant. And how can you seek the distant when you cannot even seek the obvious?

And you ask, ”What is it exactly that is obstructing my vision from seeing the obvious?”

The very desire is taking you astray. Drop the desire and you will see the obvious.

”I just do not understand what to do and what not to do.”

You are not to do anything. You have just to be watchful of all that is happening around you. Doing is again an ego-trip. Doing, ego feels good– something is there to do. Doing is a food for the ego; it strengthens the ego. Non-doing, and ego falls flat on the ground. It dies. It is no more nourished. So just be a non-doer. Don’t do anything as far as God, truth, and the search for it is concerned. It is not a search in the first place, so you cannot do anything about it. You just be.

Let me say it in another way: if you are in a state of being, God comes to you. Man can never find Him; He finds man. Just be in a silent space, not doing anything, not going anywhere, not dreaming– and in that silent space suddenly you will find He is there. He has always been there! Just you were not silent, so you couldn’t see Him, you could not hear His still, small voice.

” When will I be able to hear the sound of silence?”

When? – you ask a wrong question. Now or never. Hear it now! because it is there, the music is on, the music is all over. Just you need to be silent so that you can hear it. But never say ’when’; ’when’ means you have brought future in; ’when’ means you have started dreaming; ’when’ means not now… and it is always now. It is always now-time.

For God there is only one time: NOW; and only one place: HERE. ’There’, ’then’ – drop them.

Osho: The Tantra Vision, Vol 1: CHAPTER 6. I AM A DESTROYER: Q 7

बस जान गया मैं तिरी पहचान यही है
तू दिल में तो आता है समझ में नहीं आता …………………अकबर इलाहाबादी

bas jaan gayā maiñ tirī pahchān yahī hai
tū dil meñ to aatā hai samajh meñ nahīñ aatā ……………….AKBAR ALLAHABADI

I love you but I cannot understand you.

Capturing the dichotomy of a loving heart is beautifully sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi – Film “Ek Nazar” (1972) : (924) Patta Patta Boota Boota | Amitabh Bachchan | Jaya Bahaduri | Ek Nazar | Lata Rafi | Hindi Songs – YouTube

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