Things that require ZERO TALENT

There was a famous astrologer in a village. He was very humble and noble. His predictions were always very accurate which brought people from far-away places to him for advice. He was frequented by kings and merchants who would seek his wisdom for their future courses of action. However, there were some negative elements in

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Can we inject ‘fun’ back into the funeral?

Recently, my father was admitted in the ICU. Thankfully he is fine and back home. I spent four days in the ICU Waiting room and kept observing what was happening around me. What I saw and realised was that a constant state of emergency, which after a while becomes a routine. We have all observed

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Majjha ni life

On a summer afternoon, Mulla Naseeruddin was in the garden watering the plants. His neighbour saw him and after observing him for a while, he called out to Mulla –“Oye Mulla Naseeruddin, why are you cheating and fooling those flowers and plants?” Mulla looked up at his neighbour but continued his action ignoring the comment.

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